Dear colleagues;
It is our great pleasure to announce that AHeDD 2018 will be held at KIST, Gangneung, Republic of Korea, during September 26-29, 2018.

Gangneung is a beautiful city where located on the east sea coast of Republic of Korea, with clean beaches, beautiful mountains, temples, and sea foods. KIST Gangneung Institute is a KIST branch focusing on the development of physiological activating natural products.

The scientists of China, Japan, and Korea whom working in the fields of Computer-aided Drug Design, Computational Biology, and High Performance Computing agreed with to establish a meeting, Asia Hub for e-Drug Discovery (AHeDD). The 1st AHeDD meeting was held in 2005 at Jeju Island of Korea. Then continued to have meetings 2006 (Seoul), 2007 (Shanghai), 2008 (Tokyo with IPAB), 2009 (Busan with KBSI-CBI), 2010 (Seoul-Yonsei University), 2013 (Seoul with CMTPI), 2014 (Chengdu), 2017 (Melbourne with RACI), and 2018 (Gangneung).

The Board of AHeDD welcoming new members, and this year, three more members, Australia, Russia, and Singapore have been attended AHeDD committee. AHeDD is not a meeting like an academic society but a meeting based on scholarship and friendship among members.

Beside academic program and welcome party, on September 29, 2018, we planned a post symposium guided-tour to visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) slashes across the peninsula, separating North and South Korea. We hope one day, North Korea will be a member of AHeDD committe.

We are looking forward to seeing you in AHeDD 2018, Gangneung, Republic of Korea.


AHeDD 2018 Chairmains,
Kyoung Tai No & Ae Nim Pae